Support from LionHeart

Support from LionHeart

What is LionHeart?

LionHeart is the only charity dedicated solely to the RICS community. Our main aim is a simple one – to help as many RICS members and their families as possible, and to help them as much as we can. As a member of the SCSI, LionHeart services are available to you.

From APC candidates, right through your career and into retirement, if you are an RICS professional we are here to help. Our support also extends to past members, and the partners and dependants of past and present RICS members.

The type of support we offer depends on each person’s individual circumstances – sometimes it’s as simple as a grant to get you through a tough time, while at other times all you need is a listening ear.



LionHeart Supports & Services for SCSI Members

If you or a colleague  are encountering difficulties it might be useful to reach out to LionHeart, the only charity dedicated to supporting Chartered Surveyors, past and present and their families.


If you’re struggling financially due to a change in your circumstances, such as ill health, redundancy or bereavement, LionHeart may be able to offer some financial support.

Back to work scheme

LionHeart’s Back to Work service for dual members may include online support such as help with your CV, advice and guidance on how to prepare for interviews.

Emotional support

If you’re stressed or struggling to cope, just having someone to talk to in confidence can make a real difference. LionHeart’s team of expert support officers listen without judgement and can help you find a way forward.


If there’s something going on in your life and you’re struggling to cope, then LionHeart’s professional BACP registered counsellors offer a safe, non-judgmental space to talk and work through these feelings. Lionheart are proud to offer fast access to this expert help without the need to wait.

Legal helpline

LionHeart offer access to a legal helpline to members in Ireland through Law Express and their partners.


LionHeart’s support officers can also offer one-to-one coaching sessions via phone or video to help you make changes in your work or home life.

LionHeart Services List Flyer

The range of services available to members includes financial support, health and wellbeing packages, free professional counselling, work-related support and legal advice as well as help if members or their loved ones become seriously ill.

LionHeart counsellors are specially trained in delivering therapy sessions online but since the onset of Covid they have also begun offering support to clients via secure email and messaging services. For anyone encountering difficulties securing employment, LionHeart has a ‘Back to Work’ programme which provides personalised career coaching from specialist advisers.

If you work with other fellow members, we encourage you to print this list of LionHeart supports and services available to SCSI dual members. Scroll down for LionHeart contact information. Click here to download the services flyer

Contact us


If you’d like a local referral to the LionHeart service, contact or call us at 01 2239446. All queries are confidential and nothing is kept on file. You can request to talk to an SCSI member which is a local representative as well as the LionHeart professional staff.

Alternatively, you can contact their helpline directly at +44 121 289 3300 or email


How you can support LionHeart

We invite you to join us in supporting Lionheart, the only charity dedicated to supporting Chartered Surveyors, past and present and their families. Lionheart provides RICS professionals with a range of services.

Given the impact of the past few years, the support and services of Lionheart are more important than ever.

Your donation will help a surveyor to receive the support they need to get back on their feet. We encourage all members that are able to consider donating to support the great work of Lionheart.

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