Property Handbook

Property Handbook

We are delighted to share that we have 2022 version of the former IAVI handbook. The SCSI Property Handbook has been developed to support the high standards to which SCSI members work, including those working within the property sales, rental, acquisition, and management sub-sectors, and to assist with adherence to best practice guidance in the delivery of services to clients.

Each of the chapters are available to view for members below.

The e-book edition of the Property Handbook will be available soon.

Please Note:

This version of the Property Handbook available below was updated in November 2022 by the relevant SCSI Professional Group Committees and it incorporates the latest regulations and guidance.

Property Handbook Online Access


  • Introduction
  • Sales procedure
  • Methods of sale
  • Minimum standards for property service providers
  • Efficient Sales Process
  • Deposits & Receipts
  • Client money
  • Anti- money laundering
  • Property Services Regulatory Authority Letters of Engagement
  •  Scope of practice for licensed and non-licensed staff
  • Suggested checklist for inclusion on PSP sales files


  • Residential lettings
  • Residential management (multi-unit developments)
  • Residential building surveys
    • Types of survey/reports
    • Defects list and finishing schedule
    • Planning search
    • Reinstatement cost assessments (RCAs) for insurance


  • Landlord and tenant legislation
  • Commercial building surveys/technical due diligence
  • Dilapidations and landlord/tenant services
  • Commercial leases


  • Arbitrations and the rent review process
  • Oral hearing or written submissions
  • Property inspections by arbitrator
  • Point of law
  • The award
  • Parties’ costs
  • Offers of settlement (Calderbank offers)
  • Review of the award
  • Settlement (Article 30)
  • Order of termination (Article 31)
  • The Chartered Surveyor as independent expert in the rent review process


  • Asset inventory
  • Valuations and basis
  • Project management
  • Interfacing with property surveyors


  • Beagel Bid
  • Offr
  • IAM Sold property auctions
  • LSL Auctions


  • Planning and building condition surveys
  • Certificates of compliance
  • Planning search
  • Planning applications
  • Building control
  • Building energy rating (BER) surveys
  • Title mapping and registration
  • Boundary disputes


  • Red Book standards
  • The valuation of a life interest
  • The valuation of a life interest other than for tax purposes
  • The valuation of the tenant’s life interest for tax purposes


  • An introduction to the Common Agricultural policy
  • Forestry
  • Marts
  • The SCSI Land Reference Index
  • SCSI agricultural land sales and rental historical data


  • Introduction
  • Legislative background
  • Role of valuer
  • Valuation matters
  • Role of the quantity surveyor 
  • Final stages
  • Further reading 
  • Legislation


  • Background to compulsory purchase
  • The statutory basis of assessment
    Compensation rules
  • Determination of compensation
  • Initial procedure
  • The structure/nature of the claim
  • Arbitration


  • Background – compulsory interference for drainage
  • scheme (flood works)
    • Primary legislation
    • Drainage scheme preparation (flood works)
    • Compensation


  • Stamp duty rates
  • Mortgage
  • Transfers between spouses
  • Transfer of marketable securities or stocks
  • Conveyance or transfer on sale of property (other than
    residential property)
  • Residential refund scheme
  • Clawback
  • Conveyance or transfer on the sale of residential property
  • Mixed residential property transactions
  • Consanguinity relief
  • Stamp duty relief on transfers of land to young trained farmers
  • Associated companies relief
  • Reconstruction or amalgamation
  • Stamp duty on leases
  • Relief for leases of farmland
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Disposal
  • Losses


  • Death
  • Calculation of gain or loss
  • Acquisition or disposal not at arm’s length
  • Debt release
  • Rates of tax
  • Development land
  • Main exemptions and reliefs
  • CGT reliefs
  • Meaning of qualifying assets
  • Disposal within the family of a business or farm
  • Returns, appeals and payment – self-assessment
  • Qualifying conditions for an inheritance on or after
    December 25, 2016
  • Qualifying conditions for a gift on or after December
    25, 2016
  • Qualifying conditions for an inheritance or gift on or after December 25, 2016
  • Withdrawal or clawback of the exemption
  • VAT on property
  • Rights of residence, support and maintenance
  • Valuation of a life interest in a property


  • Introduction – risk mitigation and control
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Run-off cover
  • Employers’/general/public liability insurance cover
  • Insurance for OMCs
  • Directors’ and officers’ insurance
  • Glennon Insurance – SCSI preferred partner for PII
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Things to remember when taking out insurance cover

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