Membership Subscription Info

Membership Subscription Info

Membership Subscription Info

Membership & Attached Classes and Subscription Fees 2021

Membership subscriptions run from 1 January 2021 to 31 December. Payment is due no later than 31st March 2021. Late payment leads to an additional levy and possible membership cancellation.

Membership Subscriptions Renewal

Membership subscriptions become due and owing as of January 2021. Payment is due within three calendar months - no later than 31st March 2021. Failure to pay will lead to a 10% late fee and if unpaid in June removal from membership. There is a reinstatement charge for members wishing to rejoin.

Members that are also on the Statutory Register as Quantity Surveyors and Building Surveyors should be aware that the timelines differ for payment. Removal from the register means that you can not use the titles of Quantity Surveyor or Building Surveyor.

Membership Subscription Fees 2021

The following table outlines the membership classes and subscription fees for membership of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland.

Membership Classes & Subscription Fees

Fellow - €460

Professional Member - €410

Associate - €410

Trainee Subscription Fees

Trainee over 4 years enrolled on APC - €410 (annually)

Trainee under 4 years enrolled on APC - €77 (annually)

The Trainee subscription entitles an individual to participate on the Society’s APC programme to become Chartered.  NB whilst in this category the Trainee is not entitled to use any Society membership designation or permitted to hold themselves out as having any class of membership of the Society (the Professional Body).

In accordance with the Society Bye Laws (12.2.3) the maximum period during which a person may remain a Trainee (or Associate Trainee) is limited to a total of 10 years.

Registration (for a Trainee)

A Trainee using the title “Quantity Surveyor” or “Building Surveyor” in connection with their professional role must apply for admission to the statutory Register pursuant to the Building Control Act 2007, and provide supporting evidence of the appropriate qualifying criteria. Information about the Register is available here

Registered status is a legislative requirement to use the professional title of Quantity Surveyor of Building Surveyor.  The statutory fee for registration is currently €400.   There is no reduction or offset allowable in respect of a Trainee subscription paid to the SCSI.

Related Trainee Fees:

APC Enrolment Fee: Cost per application is €305 - This fee includes the Trainee fee for the year of admission regardless of the date.

Final Assessment Fee (FA): Cost is €300 - NB if a trainee cancels their Final Assessment interview after the interview has been confirmed to them, a reapplication cost will be incurred when they next come forward for assessment.

How to Pay Your Membership Subscription

Membership subscriptions are due and owing as of 1st January of each year and must be paid within three calendar months, i.e. no later than 31st March 2021. The various payment options are described here.

Making a payment
Membership subscriptions are due and owing as of 1st January of each year and must be paid within three calendar months, i.e. no later than 31st March 2021.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Online - You can make payment through Realex, a secure online payment method. Please go to “My SCSI Account” click on “my payments”.
  • By Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) (Quote Membership number)

Account name: Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland at Bank of Ireland, Baggot Street Branch
IBAN: IE63 BOFI 9014 9072 5988 06
Sort Code: 901490
Account No.: 72598806

All queries arising in relation to your Society membership subscriptions, concessions or payment methods should be directed to:

Lynda Carroll
Accounts & Membership Subscriptions Officer
Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland
38 Merrion Square
Dublin 2

Lynda can also be contacted by telephone at 01 644 5500 or alternatively by email at

Membership Subscription Concessions 2020

The Society has a number of membership subscription concessions available for members in certain categories. If during the year your circumstances change, you are required to notify us directly. Applications for concessionary subscriptions are reviewed and approved on an annual basis.

Concessions must be applied for annually. In order to be eligible for a concession, an application must be made to the Society no later than 1st of March 2021.

Please note that a member can only apply for one category in any calendar year.




An academic concession is available for persons whose income derives from the teaching of SCSI accredited courses for the year 2019/20 and gain at least 90% of earned income from this employment.


An overseas concession is available to persons who are employed outside of the Republic of Ireland on a temporary basis and wish to retain their membership of the Society.


A retired concession is available for those members who no longer work within the surveying profession for remuneration and do not expect to return to work in the near future in the field of surveying for remuneration.


An unemployed concession is available for those members who are currently unemployed and seeking work.


A concession is available for those members who are on maternity/paternity or adoption leave. It is applicable to those taking 6 months or more of leave.


A concession is available for the annual subscription for those members who are currently unable to work due to ill-health or incapacity. The SCSI works closely with LionHeart to offer an expanded package of support to its members in the Republic of Ireland. These include Grants, Back to Work assistance, Counselling, and much more, which as available to all current or past members.  


In all cases, a member availing of a concession is obliged to inform the Society of a change in circumstances.

As part of our audit process, the Society requires that you submit evidence of eligibility for the claim as outlined in the application form. This is to ensure that the concession is applied fairly and doesn’t place an unnecessary burden on other members who are paying full membership subscription rates.

NB - All concession applications must be accompanied with full payment of the relevant concessionary fee.

Annual CPD requirements for all concessions remain. We encourage you to use our online and webinars to assist in this process. For those with a Retirement concession, your CPD will not be monitored as you won't be in practice or planning to return to practice. Those members with incomplete CPD records in previous years will be reviewed by the reinstatement committee when they seek to re-enter out of the Retirement concession.

Late Subscription Renewal and Readmission

Should a membership subscription remain outstanding beyond 31st March 2021, an additional levy of 10% is applied reflecting the increased administration in the subscription collection process. The continued non-payment of a subscription also means that a person’s membership of the Society is put into suspension resulting in a ceasing of all communications from the Society including access to the members section of the website. The suspended members name is also placed before the Council meeting in June where consideration is given to removing from membership those who have failed to pay their subscription fee.

Readmission Procedures & Charges

Where a member allows their membership of the Society to lapse, they must apply to the Council of the Society for re-instatement and may be required to pay a re-admission fee. All members in this position must pay the fee in full before the membership may again become active.

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