My journey to chartership & 10 tips to start yours

My journey to chartership & 10 tips to start yours

My journey to chartership & 10 tips to start yours

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Majella Galvin of DNG Galvin

Vice Chair of the SCSI (Southern region)

My Journey to Chartership

Becoming a chartered estate agent, was one of my goals since I graduated from the University College of Estate Management in 2010. And today I am really proud that I have accomplished it!

Since I have over 12 years’ experience working in the property profession, I chose graduate route 3 – the professional route. The chartership process involved submitting a resume of experience, a critical analysis case study and of course the final interview.

The majority of candidates doing the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) are based in big companies where there is dedicated inhouse APC training. It was more challenging for me as I work in a smaller firm and thus didn’t have the level of internal resources that would be available in larger firms. However, I was fortunate to have a small but strong support system around me – my family, colleagues and the SCSI. I reached out to the SCSI at the early stages for guidance. I never expected to receive such a high level of continuous dedicated support from the SCSI Team. This was first hand evidence to me that the SCSI valued each and every member.

In April 2021 I joined the SCSI Women in surveying Mentorship & Leadership Development Programme. Being involved in this group really inspired me to take action. I was assigned an amazing mentor and had the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded members across the country. I continuously worked hard for months and sacrificed many weekends to achieve my goal of chartership. A key learning throughout my journey was the importance of working in teams. I collaborated with another APC candidate in the group and we became study buddies. We scheduled weekly zoom study calls where we shared knowledge & experiences. We travelled the journey together.

Being involved in the southern region committee and other Professional Groups was of huge benefit in connecting with other members who had completed their chartership and who kindly shared their experience with me.

The journey to chartership is not easy but it is worth it. I will share some tips for those who are beginning their journey.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan, – Plan your goals and set your own milestones. Break your plan down to weekly objectives. There is a lot of paper work involved, maintaining the records of CPD (Continuing Professional

Development) and preparing experience report for the past years. Hence the earlier you start documenting your work, the better!

2. Read your pathway guide over and over. This is your brief.

3. Make a list of the competencies on your path and identify projects you were involved in to demonstrate these competencies. This is really helpful when identifying a project for your case study.

4. The SCSI website is your Bible. There are lots of resources to guide you through the APC. E.g., Videos of how to submit final submissions etc. There are ample CPD recordings covering various competencies so its a great place to up skill.

5. Keep up to date with the news and updates within the property industry. These could be hot topics for your interview.

6. Get yourself a study buddy.

7. Consider getting involved with SCSI regional committees or Professional groups. It’s a great opportunity to build connections and keep up to date on industry happenings.

8. Work Smart – I learned this the hard way!! Choose your study time when your fresh and most productive. I personally found 1 hour on a Saturday morning was more productive than 3 hours on a week evening.

9. Reach out to the SCSI and other members who have completed the journey. I was overwhelmed by the support I received.

10. Believe in yourself and get mock interviews. They are a great guide and confidence booster.

Why I value being a chartered surveyor

I value the SCSI status of Chartered Surveyor because it is a globally recognised mark of quality assurance. It demonstrates to the general public and industry as a hole that I adhere to the highest international professional and ethical standards. This reassures my clients that they are in safe hands.

On a personal level I have achieved one of my main life goals – being a chartered member of the SCSI.

My journey to chartership gave me the confidence to dream bigger and pursue further studies. It has opened more doors. It’s just the beginning!!

Good Luck to all.

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