MySCSI: Get involved

MySCSI: Get involved

Thanks to the huge amount of time devoted by our member volunteers working together with our dedicated staff, the SCSI has gone from strength to strength over the last number of years and the position of the organisation is increasingly elevated and recognised as a valued independent, expert and trusted voice for the property, land and construction sector.

We are proud to talk about the delivery model in SCSI as in the public interest and “for the members, by the members” but the increasing demands on the Society to contribute to topical debate means we urgently need to expand our pool of member volunteers that are willing to give some time to share valuable expertise and experience.

As part of our MySCSI campaign, we hope to grow the numbers of members getting involved. This will help us not only to deliver on the growing demand for the insights you can bring but we hope you will bring your ideas and experiences to inform the next generation of SCSI activities. 

Whatever your career stage, the SCSI could benefit from your unique perspective and knowledge but also the volunteering experience provides a rewarding opportunity for members. We’ve outline these opportunities and benefits at each career stage below. 

The opportunities and benefits as you launch your career include:

  • Share your insights & expand your experience
  • Build your network
  • Support for your career journey
  • Strengthen your professional profile
  1. Submit your survey data | Support SCSI Research & Reports & gain industry learnings

Share your data and receive valuable market insights. SCSI residential property, commercial property, land price, and construction reports are only possible with your support.

  1. Join Nexus – SCSI’s Young Professional Network| Grow your network & give back 

Get involved with Nexus, the SCSI’s network of young professionals, and build connections that will support you in your career, give back by working with our charity partners and enjoy our socials, sporting events and more.

  1. Join the Elevate Programme | Grow with leadership training & mentorship 

Achieve your career goals with Elevate, the SCSI leadership development & mentorship programme for women in surveying.

  1. Feature in the Surveyors Journal & SCSI Newsletters | Share your latest projects & provide thought leadership

Get the most out of the projects you are already working on by writing for the Surveyors Journal, contributing written or video pieces to The Standard or Property Pulse. 

  1. Write for The Irish Times Property Clinic | Build your profile with consumers across Ireland

Provide expert advice for consumers across Ireland while having you and your business featured in The Irish Times.

  1. Speak at or Host an SCSI CPD or event | Share your expertise with the wider membership

Brand yourself as an expert in your field by sharing your knowledge, work projects and market insights with members at SCSI CPDs, networking events and conferences.


Become an Ambassador for the Future

CSR/ EDI/5*S & promoting surveying/speaking in unis?

Be a leader that makes a difference and impact the future of the profession by becoming an SCSI champion for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Equality and working with our charity partners, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI), promoting the profession with school students and informing students on accredited courses.

  1. Become an Elevate Mentor | Support women in surveying & shape the future of the profession

Shape the future of the profession and grow as a mentor and leader through the Elevate Mentoring  & Leadership Development Programme for women in surveying.

  1. Join a Regional Committee | Expand your local business network and make meaningful connections

Engage with colleagues and help support regional networks which create valuable business connections for members in your region.

  1. Become an APC Assessor, Councillor or Supervisor | Pay it forward & ensure pipeline of talent

Pay it forward and help the next group of APC candidates on their journey to chartered. You’ll receive mentorship training and experience which is great for your CV!

  1. Join a Professional Group Committee | Shape the future of the profession

Shape the profession and inform policymakers while…..also may be in the know and part of cutting edge discussions on innovation, challenges and solutions?

  1. Represent the profession & inform Government & industry decision makers & working groups | Build your expert profile

Serve as an SCSI representative and provide expertise for Government and industry working groups. Build your profile as an expert in your field and support a more sustainable, informed sector.  

  1. Become a Professional Group Chair of Vice-Chair | Serve as the voice of your profession

Serve as a leader of your profession and help your PG achieve key goals while developing thought leadership publications and grow your profile in the industry and in the wider public as you conduct interviews and engage with media.

  1. Join the Surveyors Journal Editorial Board |Serve as a thought leader

Promote thought leadership with the profession by helping to contribute to and curate the content of the professional journal.

  1. Host an APC Workshop & Help your team get Chartered | Assure your clients of your company’s exceptionalism

Stand out to clients by partnering with the SCSI to host an APC workshop to help your staff get chartered and grow in their professional skillsets.

  1. Shape the SCSI and serve on a Standing Committee | (something be the change-ish)

Do you have a vision for how the SCSI could grow and better support members? Join one of our four standing committees (Regulation & Standards, Practice & Policy, Education & CPD, Membership & Public Affairs) to help the SCSI grow from strength to strength.

  1. Lead as a member of the SCSI Board |


  1. Become an SCSI Fellow | Reach an impressive professional milestone ??? (maybe useful to tie-in?

By reaching this status, you demonstrate to colleagues not only the high level of expertise but your dedication to the profession….


  1. Serve on as a Non-Executive Board Member | Make a difference with your expertise (aimed at senior & retired members?)

Share your wealth of knowledge and make a difference by serving on boards for charities. While you may have retired from full-time practice, your expertise is still in demand.  

Please fill out the form below or call us at (01) 644 5500 to arrange a free 1-2-1 chat with an SCSI staff member to get the answers you need.

MySCSI: Get involved

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