Practical Guide to Surveyors Declare

Practical Guide to Surveyors Declare

  • Sustainability Guidance

Surveyors Declare is a public commitment by Surveyors to incorporate sustainable business practices in their day-to-day operations and encouraging and supporting clients and colleagues to instil these practices in their lives also.

The Surveyors Declare document is an important resource for Surveyors that have signed up in support of the Declaration which serves as a framework and a first step for Surveyors in tackling the climate change challenge within our practices and homes.

This practical guide is intended as an additional resource for Surveyors to assist in providing some examples of how Surveyors could seek to practically implement different actions under the five commitments listed in the Declaration (Energy, Waste, Surveying Activities, Water and Biodiversity).

This document has been prepared by the SCSI Sustainability Group. This is the first publication of this practical guide and it will be reviewed and amended going forward as appropriate.

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