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Looking to improve your accounting and finance knowledge as a surveyor? Our 1-hour CPD workshop covers a range of important topics, including accrual accounting, financial statements, financial analysis, corporate finance, and cost management tools. This workshop is exclusively for SCSI members and is delivered online via Zoom for your convenience. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions in your role as a surveyor. Join us for a dynamic and engaging workshop.

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Event Details

This intensive one hour long CPD will examine several Accounting and Financial topics aimed at improving surveyors knowledge on the topics below:

  • Defining accounting and finance,
  • Understanding why accrual accounting is useful in a business context,
  • Understanding the Financial Statements,
  • Explanation of the form and content of the Income Statement (Profit and Loss Account), Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement Explanation of all major elements of the statements; Revenue and Expenses for the Income Statement, Assets, Liabilities and Equity for the Balance Sheet,
  • Introduction to Financial Analysis,
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance,
  • Introduction to Cost Management Tools.

About the Speaker

Caroline Kirrane has over a decade of experience working in financial markets. She has an undergraduate degree in European Business and French from Dublin City University. She also holds a first class Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Trinity College Dublin and is a CFA Charter holder.

After completing her undergraduate degree in France, Caroline began her career working in a hedge fund in Paris. She then returned to Dublin, working in US-based proprietary trading firm Susquehanna. She has held positions in Dexia and FinTech start-up Eagle Alpha. She has also worked as an economist with the Central Bank of Ireland, advising senior policy-makers on financial market developments.

This CPD forms part of a series of finance and accounting focused workshops for Chartered Surveyors. If you are interested in developing your knowledge further, why not take a look at our related training workshops which can be undertaken either individually or as a full series:

CPD hours: 1 (upon complete attendance, it will be automatically uploaded to your CPD record).

Please Note: This is an SCSI members event only. If you are not a member of SCSI, please do not register.


Date: 5 September 2023

Start time: 01:00 p.m. GMT

End time: 02:00 p.m. GMT

Venue: Online via Zoom

Phone: 01 644 5500

Email: events@scsi.ie

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