Rental Legislation: What you need to know

Rental Legislation: What you need to know

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Rental Legislation : What you need to know

By Neil Flannery SCSI Member Support Officer

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My appointment as a Member Support Officer in the SCSI (Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland) has provided me with a unique perspective across the Property Sector. The multi-disciplinary structure of our membership gives a broad range of insight into the challenges that the built environment faces and equally its dysfunctionality in certain areas.  

The ongoing exodus of traditional buy-to-let landlords from the Irish Rental Sector over the last number of years has been sustained for many reasons, one being the ever-increasing complexity of rental legislation. This issue has now been exacerbated over Covid-19, where landlords are selling up due to the increase in the market value of their properties.  

In recent months, several members have contacted the SCSI having seen several of their landlord clients exit the market with no intention of returning due to having a negative outlook for the sector. There are several members who feel disconnected from their landlord clients as they cannot keep up with a volatile rental market with continually changing legislation and subsequently have asked for guidance from the SCSI. 

As the member support officer, I always welcome feedback from members on what issues you are facing in the sector, so that we can help and assist as best we can. In this case, although we cannot provide a definitive answer on the proposed changes to rental legislation, we can assist our members by giving them access to peer knowledge and communicating what is expected from Government regarding the Rental Sector and the wider Property Sector.  

Therefore, in the link below we have summarised relevant information that will be updated each month to keep you updated on expected rental legislation amendments and actions from Government towards the end of this year and into next year. I welcome any views and encourage any members to contact me if you are experiencing any issues and I will endeavour to seek practical solutions to resolve any problems you may be experiencing.

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