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SCSI Submission on RTB Statement of Strategy for 2023-2025

SCSI Submission on RTB Statement of Strategy for 2023-2025

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For the past number of months, the RTB has commenced work on the development of its Statement of Strategy for 2023-2025. The aim of the Statement of Strategy is to identify, and set out clearly, the RTB’s key strategic priorities which will underpin the work of the RTB over the next three years. The SCSI provided the RTB with feedback on various issues such as the biggest challenges that the organization is facing over the next three year; how the RTB could further support compliance in the Private Rented sector; and what the RTB can do to enhance the renting experience for those living in and providing accommodation in the rental sector.

The SCSI outlined challenges such as the RTB’s need to implement an effective long-term strategy for the housing market; the need to acquire considerable investment to tackle issues such as availability of expertise and resources; and lengthy proceedings/timeframes for dispute resolution services. The SCSI provided this feedback, which will hopefully be taken into consideration when the RTB formulates its new Strategy for 2023-2025

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