We are expecting a baby but our landlord won’t facilitate a new cot

We are expecting a baby but our landlord won’t facilitate a new cot

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My wife and I have been renting a two-bed apartment for three and half years. The landlord has been very nice in the past and we believe we have been good tenants. We are expecting a baby next month and have asked the landlord to remove the spare bed in the single room to facilitate the cot if possible. He declined as he has nowhere to store it. I suggested that we could store it safely in a family member’s spare room. His reply was that the bed must remain in the apartment. Can you advise please if the landlord is in the right here and if there is anything we can do?


This is a delicate question and it’s unfortunate that the landlord appears not to be able to accommodate you or be somewhat flexible in his approach. However, if you rented the apartment furnished then you took the property with that position. It is not within the standard leasing arrangement incumbent on a landlord to remove or incur a cost to store items of furniture because a tenant wishes to free up some space. In your case it is a genuine request. I note that you have offered to store it in a family member’s room but this comes with full responsibility should anything happen to it. You should speak with your landlord again and reassure him that you will take full responsibility for it if you are prepared to do so. If he does not agree then unfortunately there is very little you can do about it.

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