• Presentation Skills for APC Interviews – Soft Skills Workshop Series

  • 04/03/2021

  • 09:30

  • 13:00

  • 3.5

  • Live Online Workshop,

  • Are you interested in improving your own presentation skills, making you a more engaging speaker and better communicator?

    Are you currently enrolled on the APC ?

    As you know, your Final Assessment Interview is designed to determine whether you can express yourself clearly, and demonstrate your understanding of the knowledge gained and
    competencies achieved during your training.  Communication and presentation is key to this.

    Then why not have a look at our upcoming Presentation Skills for APC Interviews workshop with Sonya Meekel this March.


    This half day workshop, delivered by Sonya Meekel, will show you the most important aspects to building an effective presentation, from planning & preparation, the inclusion of visual aids as well as the actually delivery.


    What will the course cover?

    • What are the components of an effective presentation?
    • Ways to capture an audience
    • Powerful Communication- using your voice, tone and body language
    • Preparation Strategies
    • Presentation aids- graphs, colour, physical objects
    • Preparing yourself- practice, appearance, confidence
    • Doing the presentation- audience rapport, speaking clearly, managing nerves, closing


    Sonya Meekel MBA, MSc, M.A, P.G Dip.Proj Man, P.G Dip Ed, BSc Eng  C.Eng, M.I.E.I.,

    Sonya has over 20 years’ experience in the Construction Industry, and is currently a lecturer in TU Dublin.  She has previously worked as a Design Build Consultant Engineer, and a Project Manager. Sonya graduated from DIT with an honours degree in Structural Engineering, and has since continued her studies extensively, having recently completed a MBA with TU Dublin.


    The delivery of graduates to the Construction Industry prepared for the competitive world is an area of great passion for Sonya. The most recent research from her MBA was the Strategic Imperatives of Soft Skill Training and Development, which she has embedded into her role as Work Placement Coordinator for the Construction Management Programme within TU Dublin.  A passion for Sonya is ensuring that graduates entering the construction industry are fully prepared for its competitive and challenging environment.


    Sonya has a strong commitment to research and scholarly activity.  She lectures in Construction Management at TU Dublin, College of Engineering and Built Environment, where she specialises in People Management, Soft Skill Development and Health and Safety.


    If this workshop is of interest to you, but you are not on the APC, why not look at our Presentation Skills workshop this coming April?

    CPD Hours: 3.5

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